Wedding Cake Pricing & Policies



$2.50 per serving for all other designs on round shaped tiers using butter cream frosting. Includes unlimited flavors and fillings within tiers, frosting tinting, and ribbons.*

$2.75 per serving for all other designs on square shaped tiers using butter cream frosting. Includes unlimited flavors and fillings within tiers, frosting tinting, and ribbons.*

$3.00 per serving for butter cream base icing with fondant embellishments like sashes, ribbons, flowers, shells, leaves, etc.

*Fondant or gum paste additives to main butter cream frosted cakes such as flowers, shells, or leaves are subject to separate fees.

$4.00 per serving for rolled fondant on round tiers. $5.00 per serving for rolled fondant on square tiers. Includes unlimited flavors and fillings within tiers, color tinting and design details.

*Loose silk and/or fresh cut flowers may be added to your cake (as provided by the bride) and a trained designer will arrange them for your cake accordingly. A service fee may be added for extensive work.

Sheet Cakes

$45 in pan, precut prior to the reception, serve 70 guests, not put on display. Half sheets are available at $23 each to serve 35. Decorative patterns or frosting flowers added to full sheet cakes will increase the price to $65.


Range $1.50 – $2.50 each, unlimited flavors or frosting tinting. Price dependent on frosting design. Simply iced cupcakes are $1.50 each. Fillings piped designs, roses or flowers atop the cupcake base icing increases the price to $1.75 to $2.50 each. Full large roses, extensive piping, or fondant pieces prices them at $2.00 to $3.00 each. 6″ cutting cakes that accompany cupcakes are $25 any flavor/design. Mini Cupcakes are $10/doz. Gourmet Cupcakes are an up charge.

Petit fours glace

$2.00 each, unlimited cake flavors, includes small design on white or chocolate icing (icing can be tinted to match wedding colors). 6″ cutting cakes to accompany display $25 any flavor or design.

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are $3.00 each, basic cake flavors; extensive decorating subject to additional fees.


Regular cookies (Chocolate Chips, M & M) are $4.50 per dozen. Dipped cutouts in wedding style are $1.50 each. Cookies packaged for favors and extensive decorating subject to additional fees. Cookie half sheets to cut into bars of 36-48 are $32 each. Large cookie cakes decorated range by size from $10-40.


8″ decorated and scored for serving 10 are $16. Half sheets cut into bars of 36-48 are $37 each. Flavors include marbleized or topped raspberry, strawberry, lemon, cherry, raspberry lemonade, blueberry, chocolate chip, and turtle.


Half sheets cut into bars of 36-48 are $32 each. Served as supplement to cake or put on chargers in liners and displayed with a dessert buffet. Many toppings included.


half sheets cut into bars of 36-48 are $32 each. Served as supplement to cake or put on chargers in liners and displayed with a dessert buffet. Many toppings included.

Dessert Buffets & Table Centerpieces

Dessert buffets and cake table centerpieces are also available; prices vary by item and sizing. Ask your consultant for more details/pricing.

Mini Eclairs & Cream Puffs

Mini eclairs and cream puffs are $10.00 / dozen


Donuts are $12/dozen. Cake Donuts are $7.00/dozen.

Cakes are customized by size to serve the amount of guests you wish to serve from the main cake; Sheet cakes, while not displayed to guests with your main cake, but served as dessert are an inexpensive way to serve larger groups (our sheet cakes serve 70 per-cut wedding style pieces) and run $40. The average wedding cake that couples select from our bakery is the 3-tier, 150 serving cake (decorated and flavored to their liking), which runs $300-337.

Delivery and equipment rental are extra (see below). Furthermore, some brides have designed different versions of wedding cakes in the form of cupcake or petit four displays, dessert buffets, individual table settings of cupcakes or cake pops, party favors or later reception cookies, or table centerpiece displays of cakes, cheesecakes, pies, or cupcakes.

Themed rehearsal cakes or grooms cakes are a fun way to add spark to your reception. Part of working with your bakery consultant is to create the best representation of dessert for your special day, customized to your liking!

Important Information and Policies

Cake Sizing

Something important to consider is no matter what bakery you select for your wedding cake, all configure the serving size based on how the reception hall/catering staff will cut the cake. Wedding cakes are cut into slices 2x2x4, which is smaller than what we normally cut our birthday or other event cakes.



For example, you may be expecting 200 guests to your reception. You may then want your main cake to serve 150 and the balance of guests would be served from a sheet cake. That would allow for 220 servings, serving all cake in its entirety. Your reception halls will always slice and serve first from sheet cakes, then from the bottom layer up.

When planning your flavors, it’s always best to select the most appealing flavor to your group of guests in the sheet and/or the bottom layers, with the bride and grooms favorite as the top. In addition, some brides are also taking advantage of false layers incorporated into their actual cake. Recently, a bride was having only 70 guests; however she wanted a 4-tier cake, and it to be the focal point of her reception decor. Two of the under-layers were actually made of Styrofoam, and iced over; two other layers were edible and served as the dessert. No one visually was able to tell which layers were real, and which were false. Again, customizing cakes to your needs is the number one priority.


Once you decide we are the bakery to create your wedding cake, we would book the date by filling out a wedding form, signing a contract and charge a $25 non-refundable deposit. This deposit ensures you that you will not be subject to any price changes (should that occur later in the year), it “saves the date” for you as we book up to 10 weddings per weekend, and will be applied to the final balance of your order.


White, chocolate, marble, almond, white or almond poppyseed, lemon-poppyseed, lemon, strawberry, cherry, banana, orange, pineapple, spice, apple cinnamon, carrot, pumpkin (seasonal), red velvet, white mocha, chocolate hazelnut. Marbleize your favorite fruit into your favorite cake base (like Chocolate raspberry swirl). Fillings include white fluff or frosting, chocolate fluff or frosting, cream cheese, fruits such as strawberry, cherry, raspberry, lemon (and any of the fruits can be made into fluffs as well), chocolate mousse, custard, and coconut cream or German Chocolate. Remember, you may mix and match flavors and fillings in your main cake and sheet cakes at no additional charge!




There is an extra charge for delivery/ set up of $25 within the Fox Valley, however Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, New London, Waupaca, Green Bay, etc. are more, (i.e. Green Bay = $50 delivery). Cupcake/Petifore is a $50 delivery and set up fee locally. Sunday wedding delivery is also available for a $50 local charge; outside areas are assessed by the owner. The delivery is done by ONLY the owners and head wedding cake decorators to ensure safe and professional setup. We tout ourselves as being one of the only local bakeries that offers such a service, and therefore we see the complete cake order through from design to baking to sculpting to delivery.



Equipment Rental/Deposit

A $25 fee is applied when figuring out the total cost for your wedding cake and services for cake base boards/plates, stands, pillars, pegs. Once returned to our bakery after your wedding, you will receive a $20 cash return!! Cupcake stands are a $100 payment with a $75 cash return (in the end this is a $5 rental fee).


Final Payment

Your cake should be paid in full one week prior to your wedding – this allows the flexibility to scale your cake up or down in number count, should that change as responses come back for your attendance. Also, it gives you peace of mind that your cake is made FRESH, not frozen for your special event. Payment can be made cash, check, credit card (MC, VISA, and American Express).